Some Basic Knowledge Of What Is Tree Care

What is tree care


What is tree care? You may have heard of the term “tree care” but not really how it is used. Tree care refers to the general task of taking care of a tree and making sure it remains healthy. A tree care specialist or arborist is a professional who practices tree care. In other words, a tree care specialist is a tree removal contractor.

There are many kinds of tree care specialists who perform different tree removal jobs. Some of these include tree felling, tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, tree thinning and pruning, tree thinning/ uprooting, stump clearing, tree surgery, tree removal, stump prevention, and tree hauling. A tree care specialist is a licensed professional who practices tree care. A tree specialist might also be part of a tree removal crew or an arborist.

What is tree pruning? Tree pruning is a type of tree care where the branches are cut back to make them look healthier. It is a job that requires a lot of skill, experience and training. Usually, tree pruning is done on commercial properties where a tree service is hired to do the tree pruning.

What is tree removal? Removal is the process where something is removed from one place to another. This could be anything from homes and offices to roads and railways. Tree removal is very similar to tree pruning in that the tree is cut down to correct a structural fault or fix a decay situation. However, tree removal does not always mean a tree trimming. Sometimes, a tree may need to be removed to relocate a specific part of the building.  Bob Johnson with the tree service Jacksonville NC trusts, says “tree removal, while unfortunate in terms of killing a living tree, is often times the best course of action for problematic trees in the landscape.”

What is tree planting? Planting is basically the act of bringing new life into an area. This could be done by planting trees in a place where there was none before or by simply growing more trees that would naturally grow. A tree service offers tree planting services where they plant new trees and then remove them. This could be done by digging up the land where the tree will be planted and breaking it down to fit the tree in.

What is tree disease? Tree diseases occur when the tree is affected by a virus or bacteria. A tree service can diagnose tree diseases and give advice on how to get the tree treated. A tree disease could be fatal if not treated in time. If tree disease happens, tree treatment will have to be done immediately or the affected tree could die. So, it is important to know and understand some basic tree care and tree removal information.

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